Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Installation

You invested in your home and landscaping. Why only enjoy it during the day. Increase the safety of your property and accent the landscaping by adding cost efficient low voltage LED lighting. We have a variety of lights for all applications. We can design a lighting system to highlight your landscape, and increase the safety of your property

• Lighting that increases your family safety
• Entertaining outdoors many hours after the sun goes down
• Illuminate gardens, shrubs, walkways, and exterior features of your home
• Lighting up children’s play areas and outdoor kitchens or barbecues

New technology can put the power at your fingertips by making the system operational from your smart device. Setting on/off times, dim the lights at different times of the night and even change colors. Ask us how!!

Most of the products we use carry a minimum 5 year warranty up to lifetime warranty

Landscape Lighting Repair

• Replacing dim or burned out bulbs
• Repairing broken switches, severed wiring, and burned out transformers
• Cleaning lenses, repairing, straightening and adjusting fixtures
• Re-angling fixtures based on changes to the home and landscape
• Trimming and minor pruning around shrubs, trees, and large plants that impede lighting
• Verifying lighting timers and dimmers are set properly
• Replacing non-operating control modules, timers and photocells
• Installing additional lighting to improve nighttime lighting around the property
• Retro fit your system to LED to save energy costs
• Upgrade to newer fixtures with warranty options

Ongoing Maintenance of Landscape Lighting

In order to ensure you extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, routine maintenance is recommended at least once a year. Plants and trees grow, lawn care can sometimes do unexpected damage, weather can also wreak havoc on your fixtures, requiring adjustments or re-positioning. The lenses on fixtures can become clouded, dirty, and smeared, which dulls the brightness and lumens. If this happens to your security lighting, all lenses should be cleaned properly.

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